The Winkl Mattress vs The Ecosa Mattress

The Winkl Mattress vs The Ecosa Mattress

In most countries, ‘Bed Shop’ is synonymous with large warehouse-style stores, endless rows of mattresses and hyperactive salespeople waiting to ambush you the moment your eyes lock.

The good news? Times are changing. The last ten years has seen an influx of ‘bed-in-a-box’ players worldwide, improving the way people buy mattresses, virtually eliminating the need to visit bed shops.

Today, you can order a quality mattress online and have it quickly delivered to try at home for a sleep trial. The trend is still new in New Zealand but a number of notable brands have already emerged.

With multiple brands on the market, we thought it would be fair to see how our Winkl mattress stacks up against another bed-in-a-box brand, Ecosa.

How Much Should a Mattress Cost?

Greedy mattress stores have been charging high prices for too long. By eliminating them, and offering our bed-in-a-box service we can bring you great quality mattresses at fairer prices, whilst giving back to the environment and still have a little left to grow our company.

There are multiple factors that go into costing up a mattress - from materials, to shipping and returns, there are many aspects that can alter the price of a mattress. But how much should you be paying, and what brand gives you the best price?

Mattress Materials

The Ecosa mattress is a three-layer mattress made from memory foam and open-cell polyurethane foam, which are dependable materials that have been around for a long time.

On the other hand, the Winkl mattress  is made with a revolutionary memory foam called Winkl-flex, specifically formulated to provide the perfect balance of softness, bounce and pressure relief for your joints.

Winkl mattresses also utilise high-density memory foams beneath the top layer to provide your body with deep contouring. All the materials used in the manufacture of Winkl products are certified safe, which means they meet strict international health standards, as well as being free from all chemical-based glues and chemical-based fire retardants.

Mattress Pricing

Ecosa’s model “The Ecosa” is 25cm’s thick and retails at $900 for a single and $1,400 for a king.

By comparison, Winkl has two mattresses on offer, The Winkl and The Lux, both with different price points. Like the Ecosa, the Winkl is also 25cm’s thick, starting at $900 for a single through to $1,300 for a king.

However, if you’re willing to outlay a little more for a perfect night’s sleep, then the Winkl Lux is for you. This 30cm mattress is packed with extra features to really improve the quality of your sleep, starting at $1,200 for a single mattress, while the king size mattress retails for $2,050.

Notably, both brands have both partnered with ZIP, Afterpay, Oxipay and Laybuy to offer finance, which means you can own the mattress right away and pay later.

Mattress Comfort

When it comes to comfort, Ecosa and Winkl have taken two different approaches. Ecosa mattresses have interchangeable layers for those who want to change the firmness of their mattress.

Winkl opted to design universally firm mattresses that meet the sleeping preferences of the majority of people - around 6/10 on the firmness scale.

One of the biggest contributors to poor sleep is the person beside you tossing and turning all night.

Both Winkl and Ecosa mattresses are springless to isolate and greatly reduce disturbance from your partner. Each has a high-density memory foam layer which contours individual body shapes and sleeping positions. Unlike old-style spring mattresses that are ridged and transfer motion, these mattresses ensure everyone gets a better night’s sleep.

Mattress Breathability & Cooling

Both Winkl and Ecosa have invested in technology designed to keep you cool during the night. Ecosa has a built-in “air circulation system” that enables air to flow away from the body through perforations in one of the foam layers.

The downside is that Ecosa’s interchangeable layers mean anyone can compromise the system by adjusting the bed’s firmness to suit their needs, and sleeping directly on top of memory foam has issues: it can heat up when in direct contact with the body.

Winkl has brilliantly solved this dilemma, as they’ve cleverly positioned their memory foam under the top layer of Winkl-flex to eliminate direct contact and minimise the chances of overheating. In addition, Winkl memory foam has GEL-infused particles which help to dissipate heat.

Mattress Trial Period & Shipping

Winkl mattresses and pillows come with a 120-night comfort trial. If at any time after 30 nights you decide to return the mattress, Winkl will pick it up and provide a full refund.

Ecosa only offers a 100-night trial at which point, if you are not happy, they will also pick it up and refund your money.

Like all great mattress-in-a-box companies, Winkl shipping and returns are free, wherever you are in the country. Ecosa also offer free shipping within similar time frames.

The Verdict: Which Mattress is better?

So, which mattress comes out on top? Both brands boast special features and perks built into their mattresses and service.

However, Winkl mattresses clearly come out ahead for their universally comfortable feel, superior cooling technology, exclusive Winkl-flex foam and added thickness. They are also more aesthetically pleasing with machine-washable designer outer covers in either LUX White or Marl Grey.

Winkl is a Kiwi company able to provide outstanding service and support around the clock - owned and run by two New Zealanders who are dedicated to bringing Kiwis better sleep.