What can I do to sleep better this Autumn?

What can I do to sleep better this Autumn?

What’s not to love about Autumn? Warm yummy drinks, colourful leaves, and cozy sweaters make this season one that gives everyone that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. It’s also the time of year when people are starting to stay inside more, the sun goes down earlier, and we all get a bit more drowsy.

Daylight Savings Time is the first sign that shorter days are on the horizon and that you may need a bedroom upgrade, along with a nighttime routine that promotes better sleep. How well you get to sleep each night comes down to your mattress, bedding, and the routine you implement before you drift off. Take a look at our top tips to help you feel well-rested and comfy this Autumn!

Keep a regular sleep schedule

During the summer months you may have been a bit more flexible with your sleep schedule, because the sun would shine for longer, and you had more energy thanks to the warm weather. However, as the night’s start to draw in and the days get shorter, it’s a good idea to try to stay consistent with what time you go to bed and wake up each day.

A consistent sleep and wake time allows your body to fall into a sleep routine, and aids you to sleep more peacefully. With the clock’s changing too, it’s even more important to reset your body’s clock, so you get a restful night’s sleep.

Get some sun

Getting some sun is a great way assist your body in resting more peacefully. You may have heard of the body’s “circadian rhythm” - this is a natural internal process that helps us to regulate our sleep. A way to get our circadian rhythm on track is to get some sun - aka melatonin - in our system.

During Autumn, it can be tricky to get enough sunlight, especially if you work inside an office or don’t get enough time to be outside during the day. However, see if you can make it a priority to spend even 15 minutes of your day outside - this will greatly impact your body’s melatonin levels, helping you on your way to sleeping more peacefully.

Turn technology off

Before you sleep, it’s helpful to take the hour before you go to bed screen-free. This means saying goodbye to scrolling on your cellphone, or working late into the night. Taking the time to remove stimulating elements from your mind and body assists you in relaxing, and results in a calmer, peaceful sleep.

This is an excellent time to read a book, write in your journal, or do some easy stretching before you turn the lights off.

Stay warm

One of the biggest changes we feel in our bodies as the seasons change is the temperature! When Autumn approaches, it’s time to start reaching for sweaters and warm socks, replacing our summer clothes for warmer knits.

Getting an air humidifier can really help keep your bedroom at a neutral temperature for whilst you sleep - ensuring you’re not too hot, or too cold, make for a restful night’s sleep. A great way to ensure your body stay’s at an optimal temperature is investing in a mattress that doesn’t overheat, and works to regulate your body temperature - like one of our Winkl mattresses! Pair it with our spine-aligning pillow’s and you’ll be in for an incredible night’s sleep!